What to do about Kathy Nickolaus

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Tonight has been a rough night for me. After hearing about Waukesha County’s voter fraud, I began sink into my own personal abyss of despair and depression. I tried to comfort myself by baiting the redneck rethuglicans on the boards of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, posting some totally nasty and vile things. Sure enough, I managed to get them going and it felt good for a minute or two, but then the feeling went away and I was now feeling angry and depressed. So what’s a guy to do?

Clearly, Kathy Nickolaus has committed voter fraud. She blames the “incorrect” vote totals on the fact that she failed to hit the “save” button before submitting. As some of you know, I have over 18 years of experience in IT and working with municipalities, helping solve their IT needs. In this case, Nickolaus, who is an IT “expert” for Waukesha County and the GOP, was working on outdated equipment and outdated software and she knew it. She knew the standards had changed and she needed to update. Instead, this “expert” insisted on keeping her outdated laptop and running an unsupported server without backups in a situation where data integrity was vital. And sure enough, since she couldn’t be audited and there were no backups, we have to take her word that the votes are counted correctly – even though she worked as a political hack for Prosser. Nickolaus committed voter fraud either by being the most stupid IT professional in the history of the industry or she did this intentionally to maintain her little kingdom and control over elections.

I took little comfort in this information, because I still felt powerless to respond to it. Jeremy is right in the fact that we cannot under any circumstances stoop to violence. MLK had it right and that was proven again by the people in Egypt. Nor can we picket her home directly since Waukesha it full of rednecks who wouldn’t mind starting some violence. We can’t put anyone in that position. So what options do we have?

A few years ago, there was a show on CBS called “Jericho”. It was cancelled and the fans were pissed off. They were so pissed off, that they started a campaign to get the show back on the air. What they did was send tons of peanuts to the CBS office in protest of the cancellation. Why peanuts? Peanuts are an insider's reference to a "Jericho" character who responded "Nuts!" when asked to surrender. It turned out to be a PR nightmare for CBS, plus those peanuts took up quite a bit of space in the office. In the end, CBS renewed the show for one more season.

That got me to thinking. Here we have a woman who has been employed as an IT “expert” and she can’t operate a simple database program? I think it’s up to us to help her. I would like to flood Kathy Nickolaus’ office with computer self-help books, i.e. “computers for dummies”. I say that if she is too stupid to figure out how to add columns on a computer, then it is up to us to give her the tools in order for her to learn how to do this right! I want us to go to every used book store, thrift store, charity store, and library and find a book that will help poor Kathy improve her computer skills. I want us to take those books, stick them in an envelope – no need for a letter or even a return address – and send them to:

Kathy Nickolaus
515 W. Moreland Blvd. - Room 120
Waukesha, WI 53188

Remember, I don’t want to sink a lot of money into this. Go to your local stores, help your neighbors with some additional business, and don’t spend more than a few dollars on these self-help computer books. The content doesn’t matter – the idea is most important!

I believe that starting this campaign accomplishes three things: First, it’s annoying as hell. I mean, what are they going to do if several hundred books start showing up in her small office? Second, it makes our point. She’s going to know that we’re out here and we’re watching. Third, it’ll make great TV when the news stations show stacks of self-help computer books in Nickolaus’ office.

I would like to have everyone mail their book to Nickolaus on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

Tom Erato,
Defending Wisconsin PAC

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